Knowing who you are working with is Critical.
Building relationships is what this business is all about
Credibility is built. Day after day. Delivering dependable results.


Hello, I am Andrew Cox, I tell stories and build web experiences. I am a passionate, driven and talented web developer. My labors empower others to accomplish goals, be it increased sales, furthering reach or a creating a clear crisp message.

I Believe in Websites that Engage, Inform and Inspire.

inboundbase sample

Before and After: Halogen Software

Halogen was a fun project. Revamping the site's look and feel mixed with a complete new emphasis on their resource section


Skill set

I work primarily in the (Lamp/Wamp) environment of Windows/Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. My main languages are HTML/HTML 5.0, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. I believe in clean pixel perfect design and development. I am a bit of a hybrid as I can strattle the line between developer and designer. I am great in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and have experience with the bulk of the Adobe products. My Work flow is normally started fleshing out wire-frames and pulling together psd layouts. I love the UX aspects of design.

I feel strongly about my role as an advocate for the viewers, always keeping their needs at front of mind. Being in this business for so long gives a bit of seasoning. I am interested most in projects with an eye on creating something that looks great and functions fantastically. Creating Online experiences that leave the viewer with relevant information is essential in my mind. I like Clever, Beautiful, Useful and try to infuse these traits into all of my work.

I am a clever fellow and work hard. I feel I am an asset on any team great at leading the charge or simply lending a hand where needed. Continual growth in my trade is my life's goal.

Here is bit of a self skills assessment


Me and HTML are best buds, we know everything about each other and hold few secrets


CSS is my best friend from college, we still get to see each other all the time even though CSS is now married


Me and JS have been dating for a while now and their might be a ring involved soon


PHP is my ring of power, I haven't built anything without PHP for time immemorial,, someone asked me to throw it in a fire... I kept it and now I keep calling it my precious

The list goes on but its late, so if your not seeing anything just ask. Chances are I have work samples including it somewhere